Topbar Hive Building with Frank Morgan
Sponsored By Bell/Coryell Beekeepers Association

In this hands-on workshop we will discuss how the angle of the walls to the floor and the way the topbars set on the top of the walls can influence how bees can be made to move out of the way of the topbars and combs when the beekeeper moves them. Lifting out combs, rearranging combs, and especially putting them back in the hive is where bees can easily get crushed if they don’t get out of the way. If the hive is well designed the angles quickly inspire the bees to get out of the way. 
Another factor in top-bar hive design is the total volume of the hive box. Larger volumes enable bees to make more honey and less likely to swarm. Smaller volumes may be more natural and encourage swarming and natural “brood breaks” which reduce stress on the bees and help the attentive beekeeper raise more bees. Smaller hive volumes reduce honey production.

In this class the participants will assemble precut pieces into a durable Les Crowder style top-bar hive ready to take home and keep bees in for many years. We will precut the pieces because of the liability incurred when participants use a table saw. The class fee already includes the cost of the materials for one hive per participant. The hive will need a cover and a stand once you take it home. We can only make one hive per participant, but each participant will learn how to make as many hives as they need in the future with minimal expense. If the participants have any cordless drills to drill holes (with a ¼ inch bit 1 ½ inch or longer) or drive screws (Philips or star driver) we encourage you to bring them and use them in the class.

We will discuss how to use the hive throughout the year but the emphasis in this class will be on hive design and construction.

Workshop Schedule:  12 noon to 6:00 pm.

Workshop Fee:  Individuals $125.00 (take home 1 hive)

Couples $230.00 (take home 2 hives)

Workshop Date:  March 7, 2020

Workshop Location:  20570 Stillman Valley Road Killeen, Texas

For additional information contact Frank Morgan at (254) 423-2579

Make payment to Bell/Coryell Beekeepers Association and mail to:  Frank Morgan, 880 Sunset Drive, Copperas Cove, TX 76522 

Pay by credit card at: Eventbrite