Mentor/Mentee Program

The purpose of the Bell/Coryell Beekeepers Associations Mentor/Mentee program is to pair new beekeepers who would like a little help with more experienced beekeepers who would like to share their knowledge.

That relationship can be a true mentorship program where a mentee and a mentor are paired for an extend period and work together on a routine basis.

Our program is a way to pair those who want or need help or advice with those who are willing to share help or advice.

Extracting Equipment

Bell/Coryell Beekeepers Association now offers its current members the opportunity to use extracting equipment to harvest honey.

Call Nan Helmke (254) 289-5802 to request a date to use the equipment.  Have an alternate date in mind in case your preference is not available.  We will put your name on the calendar to reserve it for you.  If you decide to  cancel, let us know.  Members have 3 days to use the equipment, not counting Sunday, and return it day. When you return the cleaned equipment make sure you communicate (text or cell) with Nan so she will know it is available for the next member.